Our Headquarters: General Lacy 23

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General Lacy 23 is an example of the capabilities of Aguirre Newman like global advisor in the different phases of a project:
investment and disinvestment, agency, consultancy, project management, architecture and property management.

The original building

The headquarters of Aguirre Newman are situated in the most relevant work that Eduardo Hernández built in Madrid, the old warehouse of Tabacalera, constructed in 1891.

From the outside, the building looked like a huge red brick factory similar to other buildings dating from the XIX century. Inside, diaphanous spaces with heigh ceilings supported on slim columns of cast iron defined its personality.

The old tobacco storehouse consisted of three big naves in two storeys, forming a letter "U". It embraced a three-storey central rectangular body with the lateral naves as extremes. In the middle of the edifice there was a generous central space covered by a metallic structure supporting glass panes. This extremely luminous interior courtyard was used for distributing the supplies of tobacco, since it provided access to the upper stores in the three naves.


Vision of the future

The story begins in 1999, when Aguirre Newman purchases the building to transform it into offices.

By october of that year, the company has come up with a basic project. The architect Gabriel Allende carried out the reforms. Aguirre Newman Arquitectura took charge of the interiors, while Aguirre Newman Project Management coordinated the project as a whole. After eighteen months, the works are completed.


But soon before that, Aguirre Newman decides to use the building as its own headquarters. Previously, the company had aimed at reforming it for other uses. Now, the way in which the works had been planned paid to the advantage of the company, because the basic project was designed to allow improvements tailored to the specific needs of the occupant and, at the same time, was easily adaptable for any client.

In July 2001, Aguirre Newman already had a modified general project adequate to its particular company culture and needs. In 2002 the company moves into the building.

A few years later, Aguirre Newman sold the building to a german fund and signed a long-term lease, to stay like tenant.


The building today

Basically, all the original structure has been respected and left as it was. The improvements were oriented towards reinforcing the frame while transforming the interiors, as per the new use of the building. It was a question of reconciling the old and the new.

The original ground level of the old tobacco warehouse now corresponds to a newly builty platform, wherein the reception area and waiting halls are now located.connected to this platform, a lightweight walkway runs along the inside perimeter of the central yard, providing straight access to the side naves as well as to the lower floor.

Around the central yard, the main naves, where the offices are located, have become extraordinarily ample and neatly designed work spaces, whose ceilings reach between five and seven meters, depending of the areas.



The world of architecture has awarded Aguirre Newman significant prizes for the improvements in General Lacy 23. These include:

  • Architecture, Planning and Public Works Awards 2002 of Madrid Town Hall in the Category of Reformed Buildings.
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Awards 2003 in the Regeneration Category.
  • Best Reform in the Fifth Edition of the Property Awards 2003.
  • Architecture and Quality Awards 2004 of Community of Madrid.

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